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Property 3: Kitchen-Before

We are in our current home, Property #3. Will we stay here or will we flip in 12 months, who knows? One thing we do know is that we are putting in Ikea Kitchen cabinets. I'm still stuck on the shaker style, Grimslov cabinet fronts! Other plans include:

--Stove/Oven:Move stove top and oven- replace with a side-by-side slide in double oven.

--Island: Reduce the width of the island, at 36 inches wide, the current island is too wide for the space

--Pantry: Open a door into the current hall closet and create a walk-in pantry; There is currently no pantry other than the tall cabinet to the right of the stove. This isn't cutting it for our family of 6!

--Reduce the width of the cabinet run with the current oven from 24 inches to 15 inches. Again, the space is too tight.

--Partition: Reduce in size

--Sink: Move sink and dishwasher to bay window

--Lighting: add above island drop lights

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