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What to Do with the Kids During a Home Renovation?

4 kids all living through 3 home renovations in less than 3 years and the question we get asked the most by our friends is "How do you do it with the kids?" . Let's just say everyday is different and not everyday is perfect. It involves the splitting up of duties on the weekends- home projects and kid's sporting events, but somehow we've managed it all. I've put together a top ten list of activities we have found engaging for our kids during renovation projects. These are ever evolving as our baby has turned into a toddler, soon to be preschooler and our 3 other kids have gone from kids into tweens and a teen!

I should also pre-apologize to the t(w)eens for these posted pictures, as no picture seems to be just perfect at the moment. I also want to thank them for their patience and flexibility throughout our multiple home renovations. Kids, we love you all! XOXO Mom and Dad

Top Ten Activities for the Kids during Home Renovations:

1. Creative Art Activities. The more unique the material, the better! This is paper that will go underneath new hardwood flooring. The also love art on cardboard!

2. Have them design their new bedroom, kitchen, play room.

3. Get creative with the big boxes. Forts, homes, hiding spots........

4. Periodic snuggle time.

Pops snuggles with our Caboose!

5. A tv show or movie. We do follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendation of 2 hours or less of tv. per day

6. Break out early for a movie at the theater or a fun sporting event

SEC Football

(SC vs Vanderbilt.....Go South Carolina Gamecocks!)

7. Call in the reinforcements (AKA Grandparents). Thanks to our amazing parents who head our way frequently to visit and help with the kids!

My Mom, known as Jana!

Jason's mom, Grandma Abby

8. Involve the Kids. Painting, removing walls, removing wall paper......

9. Play in the Snow. Don't forget to take a "time-out" the time to enjoy the little things.

10. Go with The Spontaneous......

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