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Dream: The Kitchen Backsplash

Several months ago, I found the deal of a century on my kitchen backsplash tile: white matte finish 1x1 squares in 12 x 12 sheets at .28 per square foot! What final image did I have in mind? Maybe brick lay, mini grid or a diamond pattern and definitely with a darker grout. Check out the following pictures to see what I'm thinking about!!!

Site and Source: A Thoughtful Place

Throwing it back to Property 2:

Diamond Pattern: Site and Source: Jenn and Jason Hatchette at Home

Brick Lay Pattern: Site: Instagram Source: Schoolhouse

Mini Grid Pattern: Site: Pinterest Source: Frenchy Fancy

Brick Lay Pattern: Site: Pinterest Source: My Scandinavian Home

Brick lay pattern: Site: Pinterest Source: Three Birds Renovation

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