Inspiration: Laundry Rooms With The Perfect Place for Fido

June 30, 2017

Announcement: We brought a new puppy into the family at the beginning of our summer break, almost a month ago.  We already have one four legged friend who barks (Stella) and another who meows (Max), so why not one more furry friend?  My tween worked on her campaign for a new puppy by filling up my personal Pinterest, since November, as she created one dedicated folder to be all about dogs and puppies. 


What's one more thing to manage in our house.......four renovation.  A puppy? Let's do this!!!  Meet Rosie, our new cavapoo.




Back to the topic at hand, laundry rooms.  Now, let me add in Rosie.  Today, I am looking for inspiration on laundry rooms that contain a special spot for a dog.  Really, I'm in search of a sleeping spot, no need for a fancy dog shower or bath, just a space to call her own at night.  Rosie is not going to be a big dog, maybe 15 lbs max, so we don't need anything tremendous, but  we do want something cool, unique, functional and pretty. Side note: Our other four legged friend, Stella- the maltipoo, sleeps with us, and Jason made it very clear that there was no room for Rosie in our bed! 


So, here are some inspirational laundry rooms that accommodate a special sleep space for Rosie:

                                                                                    Site: Pinterest  Source: Murphy & Co Design



                                                                                      Site: Pinterest Source:  Doing Our Block



                                                                                         Site: Pinterest  Source: This Old House



                                                                                            Site: Pinterest   Source: Billiepupsrus


                                                                                             Site: Pinterest  Source: Brown Eyed Fox



                                                                           Site: Pinterest  Source: House of Turquoise 


Any favorites?  More to come on laundry room inspiration as the laundry room in our current home, Property 3, will have three purposes: laundry, drop zone organization, and puppy space. Stay tuned for more on the laundry room!



 Meet Rosie:

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