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Spotlight: Our Entertainment Center

We are ready to put the spotlight on our updated entertainment center. This was one of the first projects we started when we moved in, back in March. Our current home was built in 1991 and the original entertainment center fit a television from circa 1991. Our purpose with this update was to give it a cosmetic lift and have it functional for a modern day TV.

Before and After

Jason gutted everything above the cabinets, and we were able to reuse a good bit of the products: old shelving to create new shelving and old backing to create shiplap. We dusted off the Kilz primer from the garage along with old trim paint that we used in property #2. The only things we needed to purchase for this project were a sheet of MDF, integrated lighting, and the new hardware. This equated to a relatively inexpensive update!

New integrated lighting

Our updated integrated lighting

New Hardware

When Jason was a little boy, he and his dad would search Lawson Fork Creek around Pacolet, SC for old bottles. This is part of his bottle collection! We decided to add our collection of shark teeth in one of the little bottles.

Head to our shop for a Letterboard!

We hope you like our update as much as we do! A few things are left to do in this space:

  1. Figure out or designate what to do with the strange space to the left of the entertainment center

  2. Cosmetic update to the fireplace

  3. Decor behind the sofa- What to do?

  4. Conceal the wires under the TV!

If you have any advice or suggestions for any of these, let us know! Thanks! Jenn

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