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12 Nashville Murals From The Gulch to 12 Avenue South

When venturing outside of our Franklin, TN bubble, we've found ourselves frequently strolling down 12 Avenue South. Mostly because of the food and park, but while on our walks down 12 Avenue, the colorful murals began to catch my eye.

I'm showing you 12 really cool murals from two main neighborhoods: The Gulch, and 12 South. The Gulch is a trendy area nestled between Music Row and downtown filled with shopping, music and food. It's a short trek (but you should drive or Uber) over to the 12 South neighborhood, a bustling family friendly area, also known for great shopping, eating, drinking (your choice: coffee or beer) and a really cool park.

1. Green and Blue Abstract Imagery (location: corner of 11th and Laurel) Artist: Ian Ross

2. The Colorful Geometric (location: corner of 11th and Laurel) Artist: Jason Woodside

3. WhatLiftsYou Angel Wings (location: 302 11th Ave S) Artist: Kelsey Montague

4. I Believe In Nashville (location: 2700 12th Avenue South ) Artists: Adrien Saporiti and DCXV

5. Greatest Love Story (location: 2403 12th Ave S) Artist: NERS Neonlumberjack

6. Donuts to Go (location: 1110 Caruthers Ave, on the Five Daughters Building)

7. Make Music Not War (location: 2902 12th Ave S- on the side of the Epice Building)

8. Draper James (location 2608 12th Ave S)

9. The Flower Mural (location 2900 12 Ave. S- on the side of the Green Pea Saloon)

10. Nashville Script (location: 2705 12th Ave S. - on the side of Corner Music) Artist: Eastside Murals

11 Believe (location 2415 12th Ave S- on Midtown Fellowship Church)

12. 12 South (location: 2317 12th Ave S- Behind Taqueria Del Sol)

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