Front Porch Planter Project

September 9, 2017


As part of our weekend front porch refresh, I finally planted in our front porch planters.  Our lonely planters have needed some love for quite some time.  As far as looks go, I love boxwoods and had plenty of inspiration; however, when I went shopping, the boxwoods were another story. I found that larger established boxwoods, with a nice cylinder shape,  were running about a hundo a plant, and that's when I went with the Emerald Globe........two for $100.  Much better than two for $200!


I went big box first and then small local nursery and had some conversations.  According to the green thumb experts, before I purchased and planted I needed to think:


1. Direct sunlight:  This is most important, because if I cannot get at least 3 hours of direct sunlight, I will have some serious problems growing anything.  This is when I knew that I would need to pull my planters forward to the steps because I get zero sunlight due to the covered porch and surrounding mature trees.

2. Weight: According to my local nursery, I'll be back to their shop to purchase a solid, cement planter. That is, after mine topples over from the wind.  Time will tell, but for now I am a sticking with my Southeastern Salvage cement look alike planters.


Materials Needed From the Nursery:  2 oversized planters / 4 bags of fertilizer soil mix // 2 bags of rocks // Handful of plastic bottles and / or milk jugs // landscape bricks // 2 emerald globes // 6 green ivy plants // 2 dark sweet potato vines


Tools: Drill // Large drill bit, 1/2 inch or so // gardening gloves



4 Steps For The Porch Planter:


Purchases complete, I rolled up my sleeves and put on the gloves.  The following are my 4 steps for building the perfect porch planter:

1.  Drill: Drill a hole in the bottom of the planter to allow for water drainage,

 2. Weight: I added weight to the bottom of the planter.  We had some landscaping bricks on the side of our house, left by the previous owners.  I also purchase two bags of rocks from Lowes and added these.

 3. Filler: My big box help suggest filler, like empty bottles or milk cartons to take up space without adding weight.  The jury is out on whether or not this is a good idea.  I guess it goes against the idea of making the planter heavier.  Enter at your own risk with this step!

 4. Soil: It was recommended that I purchase a fertilizer mix soil.  Lowes has the Sta-Green bags on sale 2 for $10 this week for pre-Labor Day. In went the soil and the Emerald Globe, Green Ivy and Dark Potato Vine





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