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Preschool Girl Bedroom with Social Print Studio

Recently, while at an appointment with my oldest daughter, I was killing some time in the waiting room. Thinking about projects in the works at our house, I started to think about our preschooler bedroom refresh. The refresh has been on-going for several weeks, as many of our projects do! My vision for her room has included some new pictures to use in her gallery wall frames and some to use with the Ikea Dignitet hanging system.

There are a lot of pictures on my personal Instagram that I was thinking would be cute in her room, so I started to research.........."printing pictures from Instagram". I was looking for a site that could print 5 inch square pictures, but I also wanted something that was reasonable in price. This is when I ran across Social Print Studio. 24, 5-inch pictures for $12, so I decided to give it a shot.

In less than 30 minutes, and all while I was in the waiting room, I installed the SPS app on my phone, selected the prints from Instagram, paid with my phone and BOOM!!! DONE!!!

A few days later, the prints arrived! Adorable packaging, it almost seemed like Christmas Day! I opened the cardboard envelope to find a thank-you letter, and a cute sticker, while the pictures were wrapped in a wax bag, and printed on heavy duty card stock. I obviously found a winner!

Now it was time to work a little magic with these prints! I installed the Ikea Dignitet, with a few choice words and a little help from my muscle man, Jason. (Let's just say this wasn't one of the easier Ikea installs!)

As far as the gallery wall, I used a mix of frames, mirrors and prints. All of the Social Print Studio prints were placed in Ikea Ribba frames. If you think you notice a donut theme, you are correct!

I came across an adorable Piggy and Donut print at Marshalls several weeks ago and because Brooke and I have a recurring Friday girls date day at Five Daughter's Donuts (most of which have been documented on Instagram), I knew this was the perfect picture for her room. The gallery wall, as well as preschool girl bedroom is still in progress, but here is a sneak preview! Hopefully, the full refresh will be completed and posted soon.......pre-2018, fingers crossed!!!

Ikea Ribba Frame

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