The Day We Lost The Kitchen Cabinets

January 31, 2018

 Leeland  Client Project, Open Shelving:


A client called me to her house to chat about a few potential projects, one of them being an accent wall of shiplap in her kitchen. As we walked the space, I noticed the perfect spot for open shelving.  I asked if she had another place in the house to use those kitchen cabinets.......maybe the laundry room??  I left her to discuss options with her hubby.



Whenever we have the opportunity to recycle, upcycle, or donate, we are game.  If you’ve ever made a trip to a landfill you might be able to relate.   My clients actually did need cabinets in their laundry room, so it was quickly determined that these cabinets could be re-used in the laundry room!


Scroll through to see how this open shelving project progressed (more on the shiplap in the kitchen later this week)!








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