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Shower Flooring Considerations and Options

Recently, we've had lots of interest in bathroom updates and several questions on showers. More specifically shower flooring. There's so much popularity with subway tiled showers and walls due to its affordable pricing and neutral look. The question is, when opting for a subway tiled shower, what do we recommend for the shower floor? Here are a couple of things to consider with tiled shower floors both functionally and cosmetically:

1. The smaller the tile the bigger the clean. Let's face it, someone is cleaning the shower. Whether it's you, your husband or partner, or a cleaning specialist, someone has to do the dirty work. In our house, it's more often than not, me. I find that with more grout lines, the less I like cleaning the shower. Bottom Line: The smaller the tile, the more grout lines there are, and the more grout lines, the more you are scrubbing and cleaning every week!

2. Smaller is better for creating slopes. Your tile installer is actually going to like smaller tiles for the floors because it makes it easier to create a slope. Slopes are needed for your shower floor to help direct the water flow down the drain. Bottom line: Too big doesn't work! You cannot use 6 x 24s for the shower floor!

Could there be a happy medium? Not too small with a ton of grout lines, but small enough to create an acceptable slope? Let's forget about the cleaning and the tile size and take a look at some popular shower floor options for those subway tiled shower walls:

1. Subway Tile Paired With Penny Tile:

2. Subway Tile Paired With 1x1 Squares:

3. How About A Fun Mosaic?

Source: HGTV

4. Subway With 2x2 Grey Squares:

5. Perhaps With A Carrara Herringbone?

6. Stick With A Subway Tile From Floor To Ceiling, Similar To These 3x3 Squares!

Source: Remodelista

7. Another Fun Choice!

Source: Pinterest

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