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The Fainting Goat Coffee: Spring Hill, Tennessee

Spring Hill, Tennessee is a city in Maury and Williamson counties, and is located approximately 30 miles south of Nashville. It's a super short drive from Franklin. We are often in Spring Hill, whether it's to take the kids to the dentist (check out Dr. Brad at Farrow Pediatric Dentistry),

A new coffee shop opened in Spring Hill and it's been on my radar to try. As we drove into Spring Hill over the weekend, it was time to give this new coffee shop a try. We crossed the line from Williamson County into Maury County, and found this once house, turned coffee shop.

I immediately loved the layout of this coffee shop. One room housed all the goods: coffee, baked treats and t-shirts, and there were three separate rooms for all those things you do in coffee shops: reading, lounging, working, reading, studying......there was plenty of space!

As far as the name, The Fainting Goat, there was no goat's milk to be found here. No goat's milk, except for the special caramel sauce (hejeta) that you'll find in the Horchata latte. I learned that Hejeta is a slow cooked caramel sauce that starts with a slow cooked goat's milk. My daughter ordered the Horchata latte and loved it!! I went for the cafe mocha, half the chocolate sauce with no whip, and I enjoyed every last sip. If you are looking for great coffee with a really cool atmosphere, and you are around Spring Hill, look no further than The Fainting Goat.

If you'd like to look at a property or sell a property in the Spring Hill, or surrounding areas, please give me a call!


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