Inspiration: Shelving In The Living Room

February 27, 2018

We've pulled together different styles of shelving for different rooms.  Recently, there were the shelves.............


In the kitchen:

 Kitchen Floating Shelving


 Leeland Kitchen Floating Shelving


In A Boy's Bedroom........

Peytonsville Floating Shelving 


Fixed Shelving In A Bonus Room.....

 Red Wing Built-In Shelving


But, today we are searching for inspiration for an upcoming client project for a living room.  Here are some living room inspiration pictures we've run across:

                                                Source: Etsy


                                                       Source: Unknown


                                                        Source: Vosgesparis


                                                                  Source: The Wood Grain Cottage


                                                Source: Curated Interior



Whether you are buying, selling or living, we are here to serve your design and renovation needs.  Call me and let us and our team do the work for you!- Jenn


Design.  Renovate.  Buy.  Sell.  Live.




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