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A Trip To Restoration Hardware In Nashville, Tennessee

Restoration Hardware recently opted to renovate their store at Nashville, Tennessee's Green Hills Mall. With the renovation came 4 whole levels of decor goodness along with a restaurant and cafe. If you are not in the mood for a full meal, you can grab a latte at the cafe. Everyone knows Restoration Hardware can design and decorate, but who knew they could cook? Here's a recap of my visit and a glimpse into the new Restoration Hardware store in Nashville.

Grab your girls and plan a lunch date! That's exactly what we did........ a girls day trip. An easy 30 minute ride from Franklin into Nashville, a first step into the store and we put our name on the waiting list for lunch. The restaurant is on the main level of the building, sandwiched among design spaces. The space honestly made me feel like I was having lunch in NYC. With a gorgeous open cafe we swooned over the soaring ceilings and beautiful decor. We dined on Restoration Hardware furniture from sofas to chairs and coffee tables........and thought what a great way to test drive before you buy!

Of course there was a wait, so we were handed a buzzer and told that we could walk the store or grab something from the coffee bar. Did someone say coffee? I never turn down a mocha, so to the coffee bar we went!

While we waited for our lunch table, we window shopped. No one in our group was looking for anything specific, so we roamed the store with our table buzzer and coffee in hand! With four levels, we only made it through two floors before our table was ready. Here are a few room ideas from the kids/teen floor:

Food, food, food. I mentioned it before, but really, who knew RH did food so well? With a one page lunch menu from starters to salads to sandwiches, everyone at our table (actually at our coffee table) found something. For starters, a yummy and very colorful veggie tray with a variety of hummus, including an avocado and curry hummus

For the main course, there were a variety of salads with protein options along with sandwich and other plate options. Our table was covered with salads!

But my healthy self opted for the lobster roll with fries. Let me re-phrase that, I ordered the best lobster roll that I have EVER eaten. A brioche roll with a crispy butter crust and loads of chunky lobster meat and a old bay mayo dipping sauce, I will order this EVERY single time! I haven't even mentioned the thick hand cut fries sprinkled with coarse salt and served with my favorite dip a, garlic aoili sauce.

There was no room in anyone's belly for the plate of warmed chocolate cookies, but don't think we didn't discuss it! We opted to finish out our lunch with a tour of the remaining space. This included a tour of the roof top terrace overlooking Nashville's Green Hills area.

If you are looking for a delicious and different dining experience and love home decor and furnishing, I've found your spot, at Restoration Hardware! Enjoy all!

Design. Renovate. Buy. Sell. Live. - Jenn

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