St. Cecilia Countertop, Love It or Leave It?

February 20, 2019

I recently consulted with a client, who is trying to make decisions on counter top for her upcoming kitchen remodel.  Plans so far to update this kitchen include: painting the cabinets, updating the cabinet door hardware, installing a new backsplash, updating the sink and faucet, and installing new island lighting.   Relatively new stainless steel appliances are in place, so all appliances and the current layout will remain. 


With price points starting around $45 plus per square foot, counter top can take up a big piece of a renovation budget.  In this kitchen renovation, the counter top is the remaining piece to this kitchen renovation puzzle.  The current granite counter top, St. Cecilia, has neutral friendly colors throughout, although maybe a little darker than desired. I decided to take a deeper dive into the counter top today and look at some recent kitchen renovations using St. Cecilia.  


St. Cecilia inspiration....Love it or Leave it?


                                                 Source: Homeluf


                                                                Source: Instagram Bright.Light.Interiors


                                                Source: unknown



                                                Source: Homebunch



                                                              Source: Savvysouthernstyle


Love it or leave it? Decisions will be made soon on this project.  Do you have an upcoming renovation project?  Do you wonder how it may impact your home's value?  Call me and let's discuss!


Design.Renovate.Buy.Sell.Live.  - Jenn



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