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I'm Dreaming of a Kitchen Backsplash

No Dishwasher, no sink, not even any countertops and when I saw this tile, all I could think of was my backsplash. And get this, I paid a grand total of 24 bucks, you heard me, 24 bucks for all of the tile needed to complete the backsplash. At .28 square foot how could I leave Southeastern Salvage without it. And while I mention Southeastern Salvage, I should say it's one of my favorite Nashville go-to's for tile, lighting, mirrors, and furniture. Make sure to check it out next time you are in town!

I found these on Houzz and am wondering if I can achieve a similar look to these by placing the squares on the diagonal?


And if not, or I decide to go a different route, I'm only out $24!! Stay tuned for more on the kitchen backsplash!

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