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Inspiration: Kitchen Island Legs

We wrapped up the final chapter on installing an Ikea floating island this week, but as I finished the first coat of paint, Jason and I began to discuss whether or not the island legs needed a cosmetic kick. Here is where we are after a coat of paint:


When I started looking around for inspiration for chunky square legs, here is what I came across:

Kitchen Island Leg Inspiration

Caitlin Creer Interiors

Site: Instagram Source: Caitlin Creer Interiors

Site: Instagram Source: The Real Houses of IG

Site: Pinterest Source: ML Interiors

Site: Pinterest Source: Home Bunch

Site: Pinterest Source: HGTV

Site: Pinterest Source Luxe Source

Or maybe we just stick with our original look as seen in these pictures..........

Site: Pinterest Source: Emily A. Clark

Site: Pinterest Source: Savvy Home

Any opinions??? Let me know! - Jenn

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