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Throwback Thursday Means It's Time For A Renovation Rewind: Property 1, Master Bath

The pre-renovation master bath situation in property #1 was gross and a definite do-it-yourself job- the tile didn't line up, the shower floor wasn't level, so not only did it feel yucky on your feet, water pooled in a corner. The terrible grout job ultimately lead to a leak which lit the fire for us to start the shower renovation. At the time we started the shower renovation, we were not sure that we were going to flip the house and the thought was to be conservative with money and only renovate the shower. However, as one thing was under demolition, the realization that the revision would impact another space or component of the master bath and in a blink, the shower project turned into a parallel of the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...........If you renovate the shower you are going to tear up the floor tile and when you tear up the floor tile, you might as well change out the cabinets, when you get new, larger cabinets you will need new countertops. With the new countertops you'll need new sinks and hardware. While the contractor is is in your bathroom, he might as well demo the tub, especially when he tells you he'll only charge $100. With the tub gone, you'll certainly need a new bathtub, make that a free-standing tub. With the walls damaged during tub removal you'll need to add some shiplap to the walls....... and so our story began:

If You Give Jenn A New Shower!

What We Did:

  • Created a new, larger footprint for the shower, which didn't include moving any plumbing fixtures

  • Created doorless shower concept

  • Added a wall as part of the new shower footprint, which allowed us to close in and create a private potty room

  • Demoed old ginormous Jacuzzi tub and replaced with a more modern freestanding tub

  • Closed in the main doorframe from master bedroom to master bath in order to gain a couple of extra inches on each bathroom vanity

  • Replaced the old separate vanity cabinets and counters with larger cabinets (Ikea Bodbyn Kitchen Cabinets) marble countertops with rectangular undermount sinks and new hardware (the old bath tub hardware was painted an oil rubbed bronze color)

  • Removed old tile floors and replaced with new tile

  • Cut into the master closet in order to gain additional vanity built in closet- in this house we didn’t have adequate space for medicines, towels, and other bathroom storage stuff, so we really needed some dedicated storage

  • Installed new lighting and trim; updated electrical GFCIs

  • Refaced wallpapered walls with shiplap

  • Added a pocket door leading into the master closet to conserve floor space

The Shower:

On this project, with our own two hands we:

Built and installed Ikea cabinets // Demoed the old tile floors and installed new tile floors // Installed the shiplap // Installed pocket door // Painted walls, ceiling, and trim

We Called In the Professionals for:

Tiling and completing the build process associated with the shower // Plumbing work // Electrical work // Deconstructing old cabinets and Jacuzzi tub // Installing crown molding // Installing marble tops

The Vanity Comes Together:


Ikea Cabinets: Bodbyn Line

Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Décor White flat finish color matched by Sherwin Williams

Shiplap: Benjamin Moore Décor White satin finish, color matched by Sherwin Williams

We Shopped At:

Southeastern Salvage: Glass globe pendant // Floor tile //

Lowes: All Shower and Accent Tile // Chrome Sink and Tub hardware // Vanity lights // Freestanding tub

Home Depot: Marble top // Pocket door

The Tub Comes Together:


  • My Tub Hardware Order: Oops!! I originally planned on champagne bronze hardware for the space. I ordered online the hardware for the tub and sinks, but during plumber tub installation we found out that what I ordered didn’t come with what the housing needed, so it was a wash. I ran up to the local big box to pick something up and stainless was the easiest and quickest option, so stainless it was. I was able to return the champagne bronze tub hardware with the original packaging, but not the sink hardware because it was already installed and the packaging was thrown away. We had the plumber remove it and kept it for our next property.

  • Mom, "There's water dripping from the ceiling." Not the words you want to hear and especially not on Christmas Eve, but that's exactly what happened to us. The shower tile work was literally completed two days before Christmas, so on Christmas Eve we threw the Hatchette Caboose and her cousin in for the very first shower. After one shower the flood gates opened. Apparently our tile guys shook up the plumbing during the shower pan install and this led to some loose plumbing connections, which caused a leak!

We loved:

  • The door-less shower

  • The new space saving pocket door leading into the closet

  • Everything cosmetically!

The Things We Would Reconsider:

  • While I loved the look of the freestanding tub, I am not sure I would go that route again, and in fact we didn't. The edges around the floor can trap dirt and dust.

  • Using a light floor tile: Holy moly, am I shedding hair! I had no idea.

I Hope you enjoyed our Renovation Rewind on Throwback Thursday! -Jenn

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