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Heading To the Finish Line In The Kitchen: Range Hood

With one major project, the range hood, left in the kitchen, we are so close to the finish line with our current kitchen renovation! Woohoo!! I'll admit, I believe thinking about the range hood installation is giving Jason nightmares in his sleep. The hood was ordered, has been sitting in our dining room for two weekends, but we've yet to begin the installation.

One thing that we have figured out, is that we will do something a little different this time around regarding design. The last two kitchen renovations involved the range hood mounted on a wall of tile. With Kitchen #1, Jason installed the hood and with Kitchen #2 we called in the professionals.

Our Kitchen Renovation #1

Our kitchen renovation #1

Our Kitchen Renovation #2

For our current kitchen, the style has been narrowed down to something like this:

source: Home Bunch

source: Ten June

Here is our pre-hood preview! Kitchen #3

Goodness, we've come a long way since the kitchen renovation began in April 2017! Check back in (but give us a few weeks) for the latest on the hood install

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