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One Room Challenge, Fall 2017 Week 5: The Laundry Room

One Room Challenge Fall 2017, week 5! Thankfully this laundry room renovation, urban farmhouse style, has been a straight forward project. We've encountered no significant bumps in the road up until a minor snag this week. Our counter top side splash arrived, but was cut the wrong size..........a teeny bit too short! If that's our biggest problem throughout this 6 week process, I'll consider it a success!

Here is a sneak peak at the leathered granite (color: Black Mamba) that was installed this week.

I'm loving the leathered!!!!!

Finishing this out project, we are planning to:

1. Faucet: Install the faucet so that we can have a working sink again! No one in our house is excited about that besides me!

2. Hooks: Hang the hooks in the cubbies, so the kids can hang their book bags!

3. Paint: Final wall coat of paint

4. Paint: Paint the ceiling (ugh, not looking forward to this!)

5. Hanging Rod: Install the hanging rod between the wall cabinets.

6. Grout: Grout the subway tile on the wall.

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