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A Budget Friendly Fireplace Refresh

Our Thanksgiving company left, and I had the itch to work on the fireplace. It's been an outstanding eyesore for me (which has been no secret). Since it has gotten colder, we have been using the fireplace more, and thus it commands more attention (at least I notice it!).

Long term, the firebox needs to be pulled out and re-positioned, which also means we need to have a mason complete some work. Ultimately, I envision and big mess and lots of hundos flying out the door. In an attempt to pacify the fireplace dilemma, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

This is how the 4-step, 24-hour, $99 refresh unfolded......

Tools Needed: Smaller crow bars in various sizes // hammer // paint brush // 3/4 paint roller nap (although, I didn't use it) // paint pan and roller (if you decide to roll the paint)

Supplies: Concrete and Masonry Primer // Paint (I went with a Sherwin Williams Super Paint). I'm a believer and fan of Sherwin Williams Paint! I also love their sales. Both gallons of paint were purchased during a 30% off paint sale.

Step 1: Bring Down The Mantle: Piece by piece the mantle came down (and this Mama did it all by herself). Need I mention dinner was cooking at the same time??? I digress!!!

Step 2. Clean the Brick Before Painting: I wiped down with a disposable cloth, or old t-shirt in my case, and then followed with a Shop Vac vacuum.

Step 3: Prime the Brick. I bought a 3/4 nap roller for this, but ultimately found it easier to brush on. This wraps up the first 24 hours of work. Let this dry for a day.

Step 4: Paint the Brick: On went the tv and This Is Us, and the mindless painting began! Again, it seemed easier to brush than roll, so I brushed. Let this dry for 24 hours and you are good to go!

This job was so easy that I put our dog, Stella, to sleep (I'll admit, it doesn't take much, though!).

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