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Tackling a Bay Window With IKEA Cabinets, Things To Think About

When we moved in, one glance at our bay window and I knew that I wanted to fill it with cabinets and a sink. I wanted to clean the veggies or load the dishes while I watched the kids in the back yard. Could we accomplish installing IKEA cabinets around a bay window? After all, IKEA cabinets around a bay window would be a first for us! Spoiler alert.....the answer is yes and here is how we did it!

5 Things to Think About When Installing IKEA Cabinets Around a Bay Window:

1. Plumbing: Is your plumbing in place or, as it was for us, will you need to have the plumbing run?

2. Windows: We didn't have enough wall clearance to install cabinets, so we called in the window guys to raise the windows. This also meant some mason work on the exterior. We let these specialists work their magic!

3. Cabinet Run: Figure out the IKEA cabinet run. On the angled walls you'll likely need to plan for 15-inch deep cabinets, while dead center you maybe able to use the traditional 24-inch deep cabinets. Our run shaped up like this:

3. Install the Cabinets: For us, this meant using the traditional IKEA railing system to mount the sink and trash cabinet boxes , while we used Jason's method of securing floating IKEA cabinets for our 15 inch deep "floater" cabinet boxes. It's the same method we talked about when installing our floating island.

4. Finish the Ends: Fill your space on the ends. We decided to use our faux shiplap with our 1/4 quarter inch underlayment and some recycled boards from the old entertainment center demo. Prepping these corners meant a lot of layering, which we discussed in an earlier post.

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