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If You Give A Client A Shower!

Have you had the pleasure of reading If You Give A Pig A Party? If not, it’s an adorable preschool reading series in which a sweet animal character asks for one thing which leads to another and another and another.

I’ve recently been called to several houses in which the client only wanted to redo the master shower. Ok, been there, done that and I’ve found out that a request to change up the master shower often follows the story line of If You Give a Pig a Party.

Here’s how my story reads.......If You Give A Client A New Master Shower:

If you give a client a shower she's going to want a new bathroom floor!

When she gets a new bathroom floor, she’ll decide its time for a new bathroom vanity and that freestanding tub she's always wanted!

When the new vanity is ordered, she will realize the vanity top no longer fits, so she asks for a new vanity counter top .

The new vanity and counter top are installed, but wait, it requires a three piece sink faucet. A new three piece sink faucet is purchased. Because she opted for a brushed bronze finish, the old vanity light in a brushed nickle, no longer works. A new vanity light is purchased!

Because she has a new light, the mirror no longer fits and she buys new mirrors.

Looking in the mirror, she sees a beautiful bathtub that is missing something! Ahhh it must need a shiplap surround. You get my point. One thing leads to another and another and another. So, for all of you people thinking of a new shower, you have been fairly warned!!! And I should admit, that I've experienced this on a personal level!

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