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Nashville, Tennessee Cinnamon Rolls From Slim & Husky's

My sugar receptors were on overdrive when I was chowing down on my PREAM pizza during a recent visit to Slim and Husky’s ( S & H) . All because my friend had mentioned the new Rollout across the street from Slim and Husky’s. I can hear her now, “you know they (Slim and Husky's) just opened a new store across the street where they use the left over pizza dough to make cinnamon buns.“ Huh?? Come again?? This is a place that I have got to try!

I took my last bite of pizza, boxed up my leftovers and headed across the street to The Rollout. Two things I should mention:

1. You can skip the line and the crowd and order a take-out Skim and Husky's pizza from the Rollout and 2. Parking was a breeze compared to the compact spots (or lack of) at the pizza joint.

More on The Rollout: It's located at 1006 Buchanan St, Nashville, TN 37208. The atmosphere at The Rollout was just as fun as Slim and Husky’s. 1980 to 90 hip hop classics were thumping. So much so that I literally watched two different groups of customers get their groove on while in the store. If you want and S & H swag, this is where you'll find it.

As far as prices, here is what you can expect: 2 buns for $4 or 6 buns for $10. The five flavor options on the menu are:

1. Picture Me Rollin: Also known as the House Rolls, you'll find these to be classic sticky buns with a brown sugar sauce and cream cheese

2. Cookie Monsta: White Chocolate sauce with peanut butter and chocolate cookie crumble

3. Halle Berry: My personal favorite, blueberry sauce and a light lemon glaze

4. Sticky Fingaz: Caramel sauce with a little bacon crumble and a hint of locally distilled 1856 Uncle Nearest Whiskey and topped with some glazed pecans

5. Ninga Tartle: Green apple sauce with a swirl of jalapeno cream cheese drizzle. This is the only one I didn't try!

I did have to wait about 15 minutes while my buns cooked, but it was worth the wait. The staff was super nice, the buns were delish, so I'll summarize by saying, when you head to Slim and Husky's for pizza, save room for dessert!!

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