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Why We Chose A Laminate Floor

source: Costco

We recently purchased a laminate snap and click flooring to install in our upstairs hallway and office. We are considering installing this in the bedrooms upstairs, but wanted to give it a test run in these two spaces first. There were several reasons that we landed on the laminate flooring system:

1. Price: At at sale price of $1.21 per square foot, which also included a pad installed on the backside of the planks. There aren't many options that can beat this price. When the sale ended the flooring was $1.41 per square foot.

2. DIY: We wanted something that was an easy DIY. The laminate floor planks that we purchased have the UNICLIC, snap-n-click flooring installation system. Advertised as an easy weekend install, you will hear from us on our opinion on that claim in an upcoming post.

3. The Look: We were looking for something that mimicked our flooring downstairs, a very neutral sand and finish white oak. This laminate floor comes in 5 inch planks and very closely resembles the texture, color and the grain of the white oak. (we went with the Harmonics Newport Oak)

4. Durability: Laminate can withstand drippy towels and wet feet and paws running across it. It can stand up to heavy traffic and even dropped curling irons, should you decide to put it in a bathroom. It also resists even the toughest stains, and with 4 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat, you can imagine that we are looking for stain resistance on a daily basis.

These were the four main reasons we selected a snap-n-click laminate flooring system. Now, it's time to test reasons #2 and #4! Stay tuned for more!

Would a snap-n-click laminate flooring system make sense for you?? Would you like our team to look at a a laminate flooring installation for your space? If so, message me and let's connect to discuss!


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