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Seat Inspiration & Considerations For Your Shower Remodel

We are working with a client who is interested in adding a bench to their upcoming master shower remodel. At 46 inches by 38 inches, It's a modestly sized shower, which leads to the discussion of triangular seat versus rectangular bench. Today we are talking measurements and inspiration for the upcoming remodel and shower bench

1. Seat Height: Seat height should be 17-19 inches high

2. Depth of the Shower Seat: Comfortable seat depth measures at 15 inches


Standard Rectangular Bench:

Source: Studio McGee

Source: Nolaacres

Source: HGTV

For these clients, a 15 inch rectangular bench leads to a remaining 31 inch shower footprint, which may not be a large enough remaining master shower floor. To maximize shower floor space, other options include the triangular shower seat or an open rectangular bench.

Triangular Seat:

Source: The Tile Shop

Source: Houzz

Open Rectangular Bench:

Source: Studio McGee

Are you in need of a shower remodel for your current home, a home you recently purchased, or a home that you are planning to sell. If this sounds like you, give me a call and let's see how our team can help you!

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