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Property 3: Building at The Kitchen Bay Window

The backyard in this house is amazing, so we wanted to move the sink to the bay window in order to see it all. I'm dreaming here, but thinking of washing and chopping the veggies for dinner while watching the kids play at the same time. It didn't take much of a discussion to convince the Hubs to move the kitchen sink to the bay window. Moving the kitchen sink to the bay window meant:

1. New windows: New, shorter windows in order for base cabinets to fit the space

2. New brick and mortar work: New windows equate to new exterior brick work. Luckily we have a pile of bricks on the side of the house and the mason says it's enough to close in the space

3. New Plumbing: A new plumbing line for the sink and dishwasher

4. Creative Cabinet Planning: While the Ikea Kitchen Planner allows you to add partitions, doors, windows, basically everything but a bay window, so this is going to take a little creativity

5. Mad trim skills: The hubs takes care of almost all trim work, and he accepted the challenge of listening to my trim vision at the bay

6. New kitchen eating spot: Taking up the space at the bay window with cabinets means that we are loosing space for our kitchen table.

So here we go........closed on March 17th, windows ordered March 20th and the project begins. Stay tuned!

Prop 3: kichen bay window before

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