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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Ikea Cabinets- We've put together 3 Ikea Kitchens in 25 months, so I think it's pretty safe to say we've got a running list of

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, so here you go:

The Good:


I did plenty of research and read several reviews on the value- "custom feel, but not the custom price". I'd totally agree and if you hit Ikea during the annual Kitchen Sale (for us typically between March and April) then you will really get a lot of bang for your buck. On two of our kitchen purchases we got 20% off the entire kitchen purchase and on one purchase we received 20% back on an Ikea gift card.

Soft Close Drawers and Cabinets:

Enough said! A favorite feature of mine!

Organization Features:

I love the pull-out drawers within the cabinets, the colander that fits flush in the kitchen sink, the silverware organizers, and the waste cabinet that houses a pull-out recycling and trash bin. In this kitchen I am plan try out the wire pull out shelves, while my kids are dying for the push open doors.

The Kitchen Planner:

Want to feel a little like Joanna Gaines? Download the Ikea Kitchen planner and pretend you are on the farm!!! Add countertops, door hardware, windows, partitions, you name it and it's on the Ikea Kitchen Planner. I am in love with the kitchen planner and have also used it for a former master bath and have plans to use it for the planning of our current laundry room.

In-Store Kitchen Experts:

Plan to spend up to an hour with these experts in the store prior to your big purchase. Have your kitchen completely planned on the kitchen planner prior to your store visit.

Easy Wipe Down and Durability:

Although we have not lived in an Ikea kitchen for more than 13 months, the cabinet faces wipe down easily and have handled the wrath of the Hatchette Clan!


You'll find assembly on both the Good and the Bad list. It's on the Good list because any standard wall or floor cabinet box is a cinch to assemble.

Ikea Kitchen Organizers

ikea organizers

ikea organizers

ikea organizers

ikea kitchen organizers

The Bad:


My guess, is some of the savings is in the fact that you assemble your own cabinets! For me, its a Netflix binge with a hammer and screwdriver and I'm good-to-go assembling. Assembly is on my bad list for one reason and it's always the tall pantry sized cabinets - the 80 or 90 by 18 inches requires two adults to assemble. Additionally, be ready to either lay any assembled 80 or 90 inch tall cabinet on your floor (taking up a ton of floor space) or immediately hang on the railing system. These 80 or 90 tall cabinets are an extreme tip over hazard if left free standing.

Installing the drawer fronts:

Pretty much a crap shoot here! Ikea does provide you a template picture, but I'd say we probably have to re-adjust 50% of these drawer fronts in order to make them fit perfectly! Pack your patience!! We will upload a video to help you on the "redo" of these fronts.

Installing the Drawers in the Cabinets:

Ikea provides you somewhat of a template, but sometimes it's more or less trial and error to position them correctly in the cabinets. Save some patience for drawer installation!

Trim Out:

The Hubs has found it difficult to attach some of the trim pieces (ex: top or bottom crown for cabinets) as well as closing in various gaps. Stay tuned for our upcoming post and challenge on building out a refrigerator box with Ikea pieces.

The Ugly:

On-line orders:

After getting home with our kitchen order, I made some adjustments which required me to place on online cabinet order. While initially simple enough to place an online order, only 11 of my 26 pieces were delivered and the downward spiral began. Two phone calls with a total automated wait time of over 2 hours and 33 minutes and no live customer service rep! Ouch! Because there was no itemized piece list given to me with my online order, I had no idea what was missing (once I was able to talk to someone live, he was able to email me my itemized list)! Side note: if you find yourself in this predicament, do what any good women does and multi-task. With the phone on Ikea's automated hold cycle, I was able to go and order food for my kids, clean a toilet and read the quarterly Magnolia Homes, among other things.

The take home message here: There is way more good than bad when it comes to Ikea Kitchens, so I highly recommend Ikea Kitchen Cabinets for a high end feel with out the high end price tag.

This post was in no way sponsored by Ikea

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