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You've Decided to Purchase Ikea Kitchen Cabinets, Now What?

Congratulations! You've decided to purchase an Ikea Kitchen! We personally think these cabinets come with a big bang for your buck, and of course is why we've purchased and designed three kitchens with Ikea cabinets in 27 months. Here's what we think you need to know before your big purchase:

1. Log in and access the Ikea Kitchen planner software: Enter your room measurements, windows, door frames, etc. and start planning your new kitchen from cabinet doors to countertops, floors and hardware. I love this part! You know the saying, measure twice and cut once? This is true with the kitchen planner. Try to have all information entered correctly. I recommend living in the house and using the planner versus planning remotely simply because there is less room for error. You are required to meet with an Ikea In-Store Kitchen Expert and review your kitchen planner plans prior to your purchase.

2. Don't forget about Islands or Peninsula: If you are planning to build a floating island or peninsula, you will not need some materials that come with those cabinets (remove the legs, remove the railing, etc.). Remember to remove these from the planner. There is no need to pay for extra materials that you do not need.

3. Wait for the Kitchen Event Sale: Ikea runs a sale sometimes once a year and sometimes twice a year. For us, using the Atlanta store, the sale has run for about 4 weeks from March to April. For two of our purchases it was 20% off our entire purchase, while one year it was 20% back on an Ikea gift card. The 20% was on everything kitchen, including all kitchen items like organizers, appliances, sinks, etc. It's worth the wait!

4. Think Transportation: For all 3 purchases we rented and showed up to the store with our $200 truck rental; however, during our 3rd kitchen purchase we were told that we could have our entire kitchen delivered for $100. Hmmm.....time......muscle (see below), yes $100 for delivery was a steal. As it turns out, we were not able to have our entire kitchen delivered for $100 because of some type of delivery interruption to the Nashville area. I mention transportation, because I think its worth an in-store visit or phone call to ask if delivery is an option in your area and for what price. It may be worth it, even if it costs you a bit more than a rental truck, for reasons #4 and #5.

Bringing the Cabinets home with a few other things!

If you do rent a truck, we find the 12 footer is the truck of choice.

5. Time: Plan on all day to purchase these in Ikea. All three times we've done this, we were at the store as soon as it opened, met with a planner, and ordered our kitchen without too many changes. Once you pay for your order, then the wait begins. This is when you become familiar with the Ikea color system, if you aren't already. Red- order is placed, Yellow- they are pulling all of the pieces for your order and Green- your order is ready for pick-up. Our orders are typically ready for loading between 4 and 5 pm. Free wifi, shopping, food court - you'll have time for it all. Come with a full cell phone battery.

6. Ikea Organizers: Speaking of having some extra time on your hands, check out the Ikea organizers and kitchen products. They are all made specifically for Ikea cabinets and help with efficiency and organization. I haven't purchase any that I haven't liked. In fact, every time we have purchased an Ikea kitchen I find something new to try....the flatware organizers sit snug in the drawers (just make sure you order the appropriate size for your drawer) while the mat helps to keep the cabinet box free of scratches. The spice racks house your cylinder shaped spices in drawers. The trash and recycling drawer and house are a personal favorite along with the colander that fits flush in the sink. With our latest kitchen, I'm trying out the dry spice and flour boxes, to help organize our pull-out drawers.

6. Muscle: There is a floater or two to help loading, but it's the expectation that you are loading your order too. My Hubs typically offers to help others load their order while he's waiting for ours to be pulled together. I'm not sure if he just feels bad for people, is super bored, or wants another work-out. Bottom line, don't work out the day of the order because you'll get one loading.

7. Leave the Kids at Home: Enough said.

8. Unloading, Storing and Organizing: When you arrive home, you essentially have a mini Ikea warehouse with hinges, door fronts, cabinet boxes, cabinet feet, etc. and at it all needs to be stored and organized. We recommend storing all your doors (Grimslov, Bodbyn, or whatever your door front style is) together, cabinet boxes (sektion) together and drawers (maximera).

9. What's your Netflix Binge? When you are ready to start constructing your cabinets set yourself up in front of the TV with a good series to watch and pound out some cabinet boxes!

10. Don't buy Ikea Kitchen Cabinets online: If you get home and find you measured wrong or your kitchen run doesn't line up exactly as expected, I would never ever (let me repeat, never ever order online). We did just that with kitchen #3 and it's been a nightmare. Less than half our order showed up and we are currently 30 days plus without our order. I've also spent over 2 hours on automated phone waiting systems trying to figure the order out with IKEA.

This post was not sponsored by Ikea

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