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Dreaming: Floating Shelving

floating shelving

Because my brain is always at least 3 steps ahead of myself, I'm dreaming about the floating shelving we will install to the left of the fridge. Stained or painted? I'm not sure. I do know that I really want to have hidden hardware this time around. Are we close to installing floating shelving? No way! My guess is that we are at least a solid 8 weeks away. Our backsplash isn't even up, but I did have fun dreaming this morning!

Site: DecorPad Source: Crown Point Cabinetry

Site: DecorPad Source: Christophers Home Furnishings

Site: DecorPad Source: Liv Design Collective

Site: DecorPad Source: Van Wicklen Design

Site: Source: Jenn and Jason Hatchette at Home

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