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Dream: Ikea Kitchen in the Garage, Why Not?

I was drinking coffee with a friend this week when she mentioned her recent basement refinish. Because the basement runs into the garage, the basement refinish has fueled her desire to make her garage plush! Her plan is to find some old cabinets and have them refurbished for the garage. Hold up!!!!! You know where my thoughts are going??? Yep! Ikea! Why not install Ikea cabinets in the garage? I told my friend, "Please, please, please let me dream about your garage! Send me those measurements and let me plan." And so my inner Joanna Gaines began to churn.

Dream Images First:

Site: Pinterest Source: Shamrock Cabinets and Fixtures

Site: Pinterest Source: Elly's DIY Blog

Site: Pinterest Source: BDG Boston Design Guide

Ikea Kitchen Planner Info Needed: Garage dimensions // Number of exterior doors and garage doors and measurements // Number of windows and measurements //

Here's What I Came Up With:

All models have a 174 inch (or 14 .5 foot) cabinet run and include everything needed (even door hardware) except countertops. Pricing varies depending on the cabinet facing.

Pricing 1: $4286

minus lighting $193

Kitchen Sale, less 15%

All in price $3483 plus tax

Pricing 2: $3929

minus lighting, $193

Kitchen Sale, less 15%

All in price: $3176, plus tax

Pricing 3: $6380

minus lighting, $193

Kitchen Sale, less 15%

All in price: $5259 plus tax

For a little over 14.5 foot cabinet run, depending on door front, prices should range from $3200-5300, assuming these were purchased during one of the Ikea kitchen event sales. It's a little more than I expected and probably a little steep for my garage budget. What do you think? Refurbish or buy new???

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