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Barn Door Construction: Our Latest Recipe

At it again! Making Barn Doors and experimenting with a new construction method. We purchased 3/4 inch X 5 inch X 10 foot planks of yellow pine recently for a flooring project and it got me thinking about using the pine floor planks for doors. It's not terribly expensive. I believe we paid around $10 per 10 foot stick and we figure that we should be able to build 3 doors for $170 (roughly $55 per 30-inch door), not including our framing pieces. This material should be sturdier than some material that we've used in the past. My only concern is that it will not take stain well, as yellow pine has a bad rap for accepting darker stains and always having a yellow tint that fades through. No problem here, as our 3 doors will all be painted.

Materials Needed:

  • 3/4in x 5in x 10in yellow pine planks for main door construction

  • long header piece to trim out top of door opening-1inx8inx8ft (the barn door track attaches to, and runs the length of this)

  • trim pieces for door frame sides-1inx4in x 8ft

  • trim pieces for barn door- we are using 1x6s for our larger doors and 1x4s for our smaller door

  • 1 1/4 inch finish nails

  • Paint for barn door and trim

  • caulk and wood filler

  • barn door or sliding door hardware (we typically buy Everbilt), but we sometimes have a hard time finding our hardware finish in stock at our typical big box home construction stores

Tools Needed:

nail gun// air compressor // mitre saw // table saw // saw horses and MDF (used to create a flat surface) // framing triangle (we use this to make marks for cuts on the boards)


1. Make your shopping list for wood. It helps us to sketch the door design. Purchase supplies.

Our Rough Sketch

2. Frame up the door frame sides. This will establish your finished opening, which will allow you to determine your door width and height.

3. Figure out barn door width by measuring between the door frames and adding 1 or 2 inches on both the right and left side

4. Knowing your barn door width, double this for your header size

5. Add the door frame header

6. Take out the Barn Door Hardware and look at instruction packet. This should help you to finalize your overall height for the door

7. Cut the main door planks (the yellow pine floor planks) to desired door height.

8. Working on a flat surface (we set up saw horses and put a solid piece of MDF across the top to create a work surface) , piece the main door planks together using tongue and groove. Use a penny or dime to create a small separation between the planks. You may need to trim the planks a bit to get the desired width.

9. Cut the west to east door runs. Add the top and the bottom run, west to east, to the door first. Nail. Nailing these runs first will help provide stability to the door.

10. Cut north to south door runs. Add the top to bottom, north to south on the door next. Nail.

11. Cut the slightly below center run. Add run, slightly below center next. Nail.

12. Using the table saw, cut the two cross pieces. Add two cross pieces. Nail.

13. Caulk and fill in nail holes. After appropriate drying time, paint or stain the door.

14. Paint door frame and header.

15. Hang door according to hardware instructions.

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