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Inspiration: Range Hood

The fun part for me with our home renovations is definitely all of the dreaming and searching for inspiration. I'm not sure if it is a blessing or a curse that I multi-task or think about multiple projects before I've actually finished one. Let's go with it's a blessing and that brings me to our next inspiration post: range hoods! Our last two renovations contained floating range hoods on a wall of tile.

On our current house, we are considering mixing it up a bit and building a box surround for the range hood. I've read a few tutorials on the process and I think my handy engineer, AKA The Hubs, can handle the build! I'll wait and show him the plans when we are completely finished with the kitchen cabinet install (side note: we have some back-ordered Ikea cabinets and doors scheduled to arrive tomorrow- we've been waiting on these for over three weeks)!

With the range hoods, I've got several images that are inspiring me. Any thoughts on painted versus painted with a stained accent beam or stained all together, I'm not sure?

Site: Decorpad Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Site: Decorpad Source: Spacecrafting

Site: Pinterest Source: Fixer Upper

Site: Decorpad Source: einteriors

Site: Decorpad Source: Park and Oak Interiors

Site: Pinterest Source: Garvin And Co.

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