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Dream: Smaller Kitchen Spaces and Pendant Lighting

I'm so pumped for my brother!!!!! He has signed a contract to build his first place, no more rent, no more apartment, he's going for the gold. Home ownership, the homestead tax exemption credit and he's doing it right with Hedgewood Homes in Atlanta.

Hedgewood Homes is known for building communities with a variety of architecture and streetscapes. Their attention to fine detail is impressive from windows to rooflines, kitchens to bathrooms. Speaking of their kitchens and baths, they are simply jaw dropping! Hedgewood communities appeal to families as well as young professionals due to their high end design selections, neighborhood amenities within walking distance, and location as all seem to be nestled in the perfect spots in or around the city.

My Bro is building in a Hedgewood community called Manchester in the Midtown area. His place is referred to as a flat. It's two stories and all in sits at 1200 finished square feet. His kitchen looks to be about 11"6' x 11"6' and features an island where he'll need countertop height stools. This week, he and I are going to shop: design, décor and inspiration........not his thing, but totally mine! I'm hoping to give him some ideas for his kitchen, as he has yet to pick some of the little details, including lighting.

Here is a glance at his main level floor plan, to give you an idea of the kitchen space we are looking at:

My Brother's Layout

Source: Serena and Lilly

I decided to save a few other images, not because they reference smaller kitchens, but because they reference Hedgewood properties and a very similar layout to my brother. All of the following are significantly larger than what he will have, but we just needed a little visual inspiration. All of the following images are from Hedgewood Properties. If you are new to Hedgewood, you'll definitely be a fan after looking at these!

Site: Instagram Source: Hedgewood Stay

Site: Pinterest Source: Hedgewood Homes

Site: Pinterest Source: Hedgewood Homes

Site: Pinterest Source: Hedgewood Homes

For my brother's lighting allowance, Hedgewood Homes teams up with Masterpiece Lighting and Home. After looking through our inspirational images and through Masterpiece Lighting, we came up with the these top picks for pendant lighting above his island. Stay tuned for my Brother's final reveal, coming December 2017!

And for additional kitchen and Hedgewood Home inspiration search Instagram, People: PSessions or Pinterest, People: Pam Sessions

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