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Dream: Drop Zone and Cubby Inspiration

I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but for many families in the south, the summer is halfway over. Yep, we've hit the peak and are on the downswing ourselves. You know our story, not quite three years and three properties. With the last two properties, we made sure that at the end of the summer we are building our drop zone and cubby system. There is something about the drop zone that helps me feel organized.

In property 1, we were able to knock out a closet near the back basement staircase and build our cubbies. I loved that spot! It was somewhat hidden, but easily accessible, and directly across from the laundry room.

Property 1 Cubbies

In property 2, the laundry room was upstairs and there were no basement stairs. We did have a back set of stairs, outside of the kitchen, and near the garage door access, but there was no room for cubbies. We had this tremendous foyer, and by tremendous, I'm talking an 11 x 13 square as you walk in the front door and near the stairs and then an 11 x 7 rectangle that led into the den. The 11 x 13 space is where we located cubbies for property 2. I'll admit that it wasn't my favorite spot for cubbies, because it was right there when you walked in, but it worked for us. The location also was motivation for keeping it nice and organized.

Property 2 Cubbies


I'm really excited for the location of our soon-to-be cubbies in Property 3. Our laundry room is large and located by the garage door access, two perfect combinations for the prime cubby location. Currently there is a 6" x 2"ish closet, with doors, inside the laundry room that we will deconstruct in order to locate our cubbies. Here are some images that will influence our future laundry room cubbies:

Cubby Insp from Sarah Sarna

Site: Pinterest Source: Sarah Sarna

Cubby Inspo from Home Bunch

Site: Pinterest Source: Studio McGee

Inspo by Farinelli Construction

Site: Houzz Source: Farinelli Construction

Inspo by Home Bunch

Site: Pinterest Source: Home Bunch

Site: Pinterest Source: Home Bunch

Inspo from Our Modern Antebellum

Site: Instagram Source: Our Modern Antebellum

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