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Throwback Thursday: Rewinding our S'mores Ice Cream!

S'mores Ice Cream Cone

Today we are rewinding the s'mores ice cream cone from the Fourth of July! They were fun, they were messy and they were delicious!

What Ingredients You'll Need:

Ice cream // Ice Cream Cones // Chocolate Shell // Toppings of Choice // Marshmallow topping

Kitchen Tools Needed:

Double Boiler (you can make one: see original post) // Whisk // Stand Mixer with whisk attachment // Piping bag // Ice cream scoop // Pastry torch and butane

Our Challenges:

  • Our freezer wasn't freezing solid for some reason so the ice cream started out soft.

  • We attempted to put these together for a large crowd of 30+ people.

  • Excessive heat outside!

What We Loved:

Eating this....Enough Said!


  • Don't make for a large crowd, I'd probably say 8-10 people max, not the 30 people we originally aimed for!

  • Go to the original post for tips on creating a double boiler and making a piping bag

  • You'll have time to put your toppings bar together while the marshmallow icing is whipping in the stand mixer.

  • Put cones in freezer about 10-15 minutes before you are ready to layers these, this is especially helpful in the summer heat.

I put together this quick two minute video to demonstrate how these cones came together!

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