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Our 8 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Interior Organizers and Features

I'm a huge fan of Ikea Kitchens for several reasons, but some of my favorite reasons include the cool cabinet features and organization options. What's maybe even more exciting is that all of these organizers and options are included in the big Ikea kitchen sale, which means they will all qualify for the 20% discount. Last spring, when Jason and I were house shopping and looking at new homes versus older homes, I vividly remember my disappointment in the new construction options due to the builder grade, no frills, kitchen cabinets. BORING!!! Here are our favorite Ikea kitchen features and organizers:

Favorite Ikea Kitchen Features:

1. Sink

I'm a basic sink girl. One deep bowl, and you've got me covered. I don't wash dishes, I rinse and load in the dishwasher! For that reason, I'm not looking for anything fancy or big. Ikea also offers two bowl sinks and one and a half bowl, but I am satisfied with the one, 21 inch bowl, housed in the 24 inch sink base cabinet. I will admit that on the house three renovation, I was disappointed when I wasn't able to order the 21 inch white apron sink (DOMSJÖ) due to a recall on the sink. It was a split decision during the kitchen order, but we went with the 21 inch stainless rectangular under mount (NORRSJÖN) and have been totally satisfied.

2. Colander

Ikea designs colanders to fit flush in their sinks. I haven't purchased the NORRSJÖN colander yet, but have been able to use the DOMSJO colander in the meantime.

3. Soft Close Drawers and Doors

Enough said on these! Definitely, one of my favorite features! Ikea soft close door dampers are known as UTRUSTA, and are a tiny piece that snaps onto the Ikea door hinge, as seen in this photo.

Ikea Utrusta Door Damper

4. Spice Drawer Organizers

I love the Variera spice inserts and at $3.99 a strip, who wouldn't? Each strip will house two rows of spices running from the top to bottom of the drawer.

5. Variera Drawer Organizers

Ikea offers a variety of drawer organizers. They will fit flush in certain drawer sizes or if you have one of the larger drawer systems, you may fit two organizers in one drawer. The angled end pieces allows the organizer to fit flush in an Ikea drawer.

6. Sink Faucet

We've gone with the cost efficient ELVERDAM, but more recently with the VIMMERN, as seen in this picture. I love the VIMMERN, both cosmetically and from a functional standpoint.

7. Pullout Trash/Recycle Bin

This was a must-have from the very beginning of our kitchen renovation adventures The Ikea 18 inch pull-out trash / recycle bin allows you to house both a trash and recycle bin.

8. Dry Bins

Kitchen Renovation #3 was the first attempt using the TILLSLUTA dry bins and I'm hooked. This is a smaller 15 x 24 pull-out drawer, part of our kitchen island, and I've got a mix of six different TILLSLUTA dry mix bins.

Tillsluta Dry Mix Bins

Do you have a favorite Ikea Kitchen Feature? If so, let me know! -Jenn

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