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Southeastern Salvage versus Pottery Barn: My Weekend Finds

Southeastern Salvage (SES) has quickly become one of my favorite stores in Nashville, TN, especially with all of the renovation work we have been up to. If you live in the following cities, you are in luck as well:

Chattanooga, TN

Birmingham, AL

Chesapeake, VA

Cincinatti, OH

Columbia, SC

Knoxville, TN

Mobile, AL

Huntsville, AL

Shreveport, LA

Southeastern Salvage is a no frill, home emporium, with everything ranging from home decor, mirrors, pictures, lighting, to furniture and tile. It's located in a warehouse with no AC in the summer, no heat in the winter and is one of those places that you need to pop in frequently. It's become my go-to for tile and lighting during renovations. Remember, the backsplash tile I bought back in April for 29 cents a square foot? That purchase was from SES, as was the kitchen tile backsplash from house renovation #2.

Here's what I found this week at Southeastern Salvage....see if you can guess which is SES and which is the name brand product:

1. Hanging Papasan Chairs:

Pier One: $249

Southeastern Salvage $189

2. Teak Rocking Chairs:

Southeastern Salvage: $99 (natural finish)

Southeastern Salvage: $129 (distressed black)

3. 16 x 20 Black Picture Frames with White Mat:

Target: $24.99

Southeastern Salvage: $5

4. Pendant Lighting:

Southeastern Salvage: $59

5. Flushmount Lighting

Southeastern Salvage: $89

6. Metal Pendant Lighting:

Southeastern Salvage: $69

7. Rustic Bowl

Southeastern Salvage: $9 (These are actually metal helmets. I wouldn't serve food in one of these, but it could be used as an accent piece)

Do you have any fantastic Southeastern Salvage finds? Or do you have another go-to store for deals?

Let me know!- Jenn

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