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Franklin, Tennessee's Blueberry Secret

I learned about this blueberry secret three years ago and I'm not sure if it's considered a secret anymore, although there were only two other cars there with us this week. If it is still a secret, I apologize to my Franklin friends for letting the secret out. One day last week, we were in need of a renovation break and a family friendly activity, so we headed to the blueberry bushes!

There is a quiet little church that is nestled between HWY 840 and Peytonsville Road in south Franklin. When you pull in the long drive of the church, you'll see the blueberry grove on your right.

You pick as you please and then drop a reasonable amount of cash for your haul. You're on the honor system at the church!

Leave your money here

While we were picking blueberries this week, the tractor pulled up with the groundsman and I was able to ask a few questions. The groundsman has been maintaining the blueberry bushes for 27 years. He reported that he cuts the grass, prunes the bushes, and cuts away the wild blackberries or any poison ivy that pops up. While we were talking, he was quick to point out a few high runs with many ripe blueberries for picking. When asked how the season was going, he said that some people were picking and then re-selling the blueberries (shame on anyone doing that). He also said that many people were picking and not leaving money (maybe even worse than re-selling). He noted that he doesn't apply any chemicals on the bushes, so you are picking organic!

5 tips for anyone going to pick blueberries in Franklin:

1. Go before 10 am. The blueberries are usually ready mid July to early August and it's HOT.

2. Wear tennis shoes. You never know if the grass will be low, fresh cut or high. Either way, the grass in the morning retains the dew and your feet/ shoes will be wet.

3. Bring your own bucket.

4. Pack bug spray and sunscreen.

5. Bring cash. Remember you are picking fresh, local and organic, so pay accordingly for these.

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