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Installing An Ikea kitchen Floating Island: Part 3 of 3: Wrapping the Legs

We are wrapping up the final chapter on installing an Ikea floating island as we discuss the leg wrap. On a smaller island, you may not need legs. On our 87 inch long island, we need legs for stability. If you are reviewing this post, and preparing to wrap the legs, you have done the following:

  1. Secured the island / island base (have it locked in place)

  2. The counter top is installed

  3. You've built and attached the legs

A reminder of what the leg shells (the 2x4s) look like. Brooke had fun painting these with her paint, while I put the first coat of paint on the shiplap last week!

For the Leg Wrap:

you'll need:

1x5s for the legs (you do the math on how many you need) // Additional 1x5s and/or shoe molding depending on the final cosmetic leg look // table saw // shims // clamps // rubber mallet //nail gun // nails // caulk // wood filler // oil based primer // paint


1. Make sure that the leg bases are secured. We found one leg loose around the top and needed to add some shims.

Make sure original leg shell is secure

2. Cut the 1x5s to the height needed. This is the height between the countertop and the floor. You'll have two sides on each leg that will show seams. Decide which side of the leg you want to show the seam.

3. Place the 1x5s on opposing sides. Clamp and then nail together.

The new 1x5s sandwich the original leg shell

4. Rip the remaining 1x5s so that they fit in between the installed 1x5s. Use the rubber mallet to help you get the facing boards as flush together as possible. Clamp and nail together.

5. Add decorative trim and /or baseboard facing as desired. Need Inspiration? We did and will post on that later this week.

6. As we did during Part 2 of the island install (the shiplap wrap), caulk, fill in nail holes with wood putty, prime wood knots and paint.

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