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Dream: Egg Shaped Papasan Chair

My tween daughter, Lauren, has stated that she wants a "cool" chair in a "secret" room. An egg shaped hanging papasan chair fits her description of a "cool" chair, and as far as the "secret" room goes, that will have to wait. Rewind to our Southeastern Salvage trip a few weekends ago and you may remember we found a papasan chair. Today we are looking at a little inspiration for her chair as we prepare to hang it.

Site: Instagram Source: coffeeandcoconutsberryfarms

Site: Pinterest Source: Not Specified

Site Pinterest: Source: Nesting With Grace

Site: Pinterest Source: Kidsomania

I love the suspension with the rope, but need to admit that I am a little scared to hang with a rope. Stay tuned to see how we hang our chair! -Jenn

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