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One Room Challenge Fall 2017: The Laundry Room

I'm so excited to link up as a guest participant today to my first ever one room challenge! This incredible event takes place twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. During the six week challenge, twenty professional and influential design bloggers transform a space, while amateurs, like myself, get to join in the fun by linking up as guest participants. Every Wednesday progress is documented and today marks week one! we. go! You may remember some of my laundry room inspiration posts back in the summer.... the cubbies, and the perfect place for the pooch. Yes, that sums up the goals for my laundry room:

1. Space to organize the laundry

2. Space to organize our four kids

3. Room for Rosie, the puppy

Stuck in the nineties, we are headed to 2017 with this laundry room .

First up: The Plan:

You know me, I'm all about Ikea cabinets in the kitchen, Ikea cabinets in my bathroom, so why not Ikea in the Laundry? I drew up the plans on the Ikea Kitchen Planner and then thought:

  • The kids

  • The drive

  • The day(s)

  • Rent the trailer

  • Can I save money doing something different

  • How will I incorporate Rosie's space using IKEA door fronts

And then I remembered about the 10% off Southeastern Salvage Coupon that I had been saving for a larger purchase. I gave Jason a goodbye kiss, grabbed the Ikea plans and drove to Southeastern salvage where I proceeded to purchase unfinished oak cabinets. Did I save money, are they quality cabinets, can I incorporate Rosie's space?? Stay tuned.

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