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My August Ikea Purchases

On Saturday, I drove to Atlanta for the primary reason of returning the kitchen pieces that we received damaged or that we did not use for our renovation. 200 miles there and 200 miles back. And for the first time in three years, on my drive from Nashville to Atlanta, there was no Moanna, Belle, Ariel or Cinderella talking in the background. Nope, this was a solo trip, and honestly it was a little refreshing, all except for the cart ride in with the returns. If any of my Tennessee friends are wondering, the IKEA Memphis is only 26 miles round-trip, closer, so for me, not enough to make a difference. Since I am originally from Atlanta, I feel like I can manage the traffic and know the store layout. I will always choose Atlanta over Memphis. All the while, I continue to countdown the IKEA Nashville store.........about 34 months and counting!

Here is what I came home with on Saturday:

1. Kitchen Parts: a few soft close dampers that we were missing, two door/drawer fronts, and the kicker.......a 36 x 96 refrigerator panel. This is what we will use to frame in our refrigerator and was my co-pilot for the drive home!

2. Sinnerlig Lamp: I bought this one to update the lighting in Lauren's room.

The inspiration behind this purchase:

Ikea Sinnerlig Light

3. Godmorgon/ Okensivik Bathroom vanity combination: GODMORGAN is the vanity with the ODENSVIK countertop and integrated sink.

The inspiration behind the purchase:

4. Dannskar Faucet: Here's the cool thing about Ikea bathroom faucets- They have an aerator inside that mixes air with the water, without losing any pressure. You use up to 50% less water and less electricity to heat it.

The inspiration behind this purchase:

5. Domsjo Sink: I bought the domsjo sink for our upcoming laundry room project. It's a white, ceramic, top-mount sink. For $99, I didn't think I could beat the price. My laundry sink cabinet is 27 inches and this sink is 21 inches, so it's the perfect fit.

The inspiration behind my purchase and while it's not the exact sink, it's a similar enough look.


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