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The Front Porch: Before and After

Our front porch recently had a weekend re-fresh, as you'll see in these before and after pictures:

Before pictures

Early on we added black teak rockers from Southeastern Salvage and hung the swing, a gift from Pops, but the front porch needed a little more so this weekend we:

1. Added Plants To the Planters

This was a long time coming, as these babies have been naked since December. These planters were yet another find from my favorite, Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium. More on how I planted these tomorrow.

2. Updated The Lighting

These lanterns are almost double in size of the old lights and provide more light with 3, 40 watt bulbs versus the previous 60 watt light. I found these at Lowes and felt like they were a steal for less than $100 each. Unfortunately, it took Jason a little more time than expected to install because the lantern on the right would not fit with the shutter. It took him several adjustments to the housing to make it work.

3. Painted The Door

I had some Cashmere Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze left over from our interior doors so I decided to use this for the front door. I was never wild about the corral red front door. The Urbane Bronze inside comes out like a dark, almost black color, while outside it appears army green. I'm not sold that it's my favorite front door color, but it works for now.

4. Upcycled A Door Mat From the Back Deck

Now, the only thing left is to add a wreath to the front door, update the fans and possibly paint the brick.

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