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Before and After: Room Over The Garage

We've been working on the room over the garage, a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there, and it's finally beginning to show. It's not a small space, but we do have quite a bit of "stuff". Over these last 3 moves, we've been trying to weed out what we need and use versus what we should get rid of. If you think we still have some work to do in that area, we won't argue with that.

Here is what we've done so far:

1. Paint: We got rid of the dark green and painted with Sherwin Williams: Eider White

2. Lighting: We replaced the ceiling fans from the 1990s with new IKEA lighting.

3. Art and Pictures: The sellers actually left all of the hanging shelves you see in the before picture. We took the shelves down and opted for a gallery wall. A couple of my favorite things in and along the gallery wall are the custom art (Hatchette Service Station) and hanging oars. Jason's grandfather owned a gas station and Jason has great memories, as a little kid, being able to go into his grandfather's gas station and grab a Coke and a candy bar. A friend pointed us in the direction to someone, who was able to take the picture of Jason's grandfather's service station and make it into the framed print you see on our gallery wall. My other favorite thing: the hanging oars. After my grandmother passed away, I was able to rummage through her garage and grab a few things - the oars were some of the items I grabbed. Growing up, I loved to go fishing in my grandparent's pond and on occasion would be allowed to venture out in a little john boat, with a couple of these oars in hand. I was quick to take these oars and then did a little painting to bring in some color and interest. The service station and oars bring back fond memories for both of us and we were excited to bring these things and stories into our house.

What's Left To Do In This Space:

1. Decorative Pillows: We need some some pillows to pull in the colors and dress up the sofa.

2. New Flooring: The indoor/outdoor carpet has to go!!

3. Stair/ Handrail Update

4. Modify that Box: We've got a strange built in box in one corner of the room. After some investigation, and a few sheetrock holes, we figured out that it's actually the space that provides some extra head room as you walk in from the garage. Unfortunately, we can't totally get rid of this, but we do think that we can modify it to better function in our space.

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