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8 Favorite Ikea Items In Our Home

We don't have an IKEA in Nashville, but we are slated to have one in a few years. Yep, it's going to take 3 years to get the roads right in order to accommodate that IKEA traffic. According to my calendar, we are about 32 months away. During our last few IKEA kitchen renovations, when I am in the store and ordering those kitchen cabinets, I have always been sure to pick up a few extra things......

The 8 favorite IKEA items in our house:

1. FORMAT Led Cabinet Lighting

2. NORRSJÖN Colander, stainless steel Made for a cozy fit, this colander sits snug with the IKEA sink and is perfect for straining noodles and washing the fruits and veggies!

4. FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage: Definitely one of my favorites! We purchased this back in 2015, so it's made three moves with us and is still going strong. I love it because opens up into a full-sized sleeper sofa and as an added bonus the chaise side opens for storage. Did I mention that it's comfortable too??

Pulling it out into a sleeper is this easy.

5. Ranarp Wall Clamp Light: Renovation #2 house had zero overhead lights in the three secondary bedrooms. Zero. Adding overhead lighting was not where we wanted to spend money a ton of money, so these lights were perfect! They mount on the wall, but plug into an outlet, so no electrician or sheetrock repair is needed.

6. TEJN rug, white: A comfy addition to Lauren's papasan chair.

7. IKEA PS 2014, Balance Bench: Tons of fun for the kids!

8. FOTO 20" Pendant Lamp: For $30, a really inexpensive update for lighting.


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