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Floating Shelving

We finished up our "box around the fridge" this weekend which allowed us to finish the wall of tile. This leads us to the floating shelving discussion and decision making.

In our previous kitchen, we installed floating shelves with visible brackets, but for our current kitchen, I've been thinking about floating shelving with no external or visible hardware/ brackets.

All over the blogging world, and especially if you are an IKEA kitchen fan, you read about Semihandmade, a company that specializes in custom door fronts for IKEA cabinets. Semihandmade also makes floating shelving. These 24 x 9 walnut floating shelves are from Semihandmade and run $216 a piece.

semi handmade

More Semihandmade shelving and cabinet front inspiration from 1111 Light Lane! So beautiful!

I found these 24 x 8 floating shelves at West Elm. They are made from recycled pine and only run $79 each, which also includes the hidden hardware. A little West Elm shelving inspiration:

And then there is Shelfology. Shelfology seems to be the company with the most options as far as lengths and widths go, but they are also the most expensive among the companies that I have researched. These espresso shelves, made of solid alder, run $274 a piece. This also includes the hanging hardware. This shelfology inspo from Garvin and Co. definitely makes me drool!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Definiely one for me to sleep on!!

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