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Before and After: The Coffee Bar, The Coffee Dilemma & What's Left To Do

The "coffee bar" in our kitchen renovation didn't start off as a coffee bar. It started out as a place where we needed to find more space. I mean, full-sized lower cabinets that were across from a 36 inch wide island wasn't going to work for Team Hatchette, family of 6. We have renovated enough to know we need enough floor/walking space in and around the kitchen and kitchen island. Gaining this floor space reduces teenage arguments by 2 fold, at least, if not 3 fold. In order to gain the floor space we:

1. Reduced the kitchen island from 36 inches wide to 28 inches wide

2. Reduced the lower base cabinets (now coffee bar) from standard 24 inches to 15 inches

As I mentioned, it didn't start out as a coffee bar, just narrow lower base cabinets, and we could figure out the space purpose later. Bring in some of my favorite bloggers, Chris Loves Julia, and a post on a remodel they completed with a coffee bar in the kitchen. After reading the post, our space had a newly planned purpose. Coffee, hot chocolate and mug storage in the 15 inch base cabinets, coffee pot on the counter top. With the "coffee bar" space finished I was pumped and anxious to make our first pot of coffee. That was, until the first morning I actually made coffee. That was when I realized our dilemma, and you'll see too, when you look at the process for making coffee in the mornings:

1. The coffee pot lid will not open. Upper cabinets are installed at standard height, but typically I am able to pull the coffee pot forward to open the lid and pour water. We can't do this because our counter top is only 16 1/4 inches wide.

2. Move the coffee pot to the island. Pour the water.

3. Filter and coffee grounds go in!

4. Move the coffee pot back to the coffee bar.

5. Viola! Coffee is ready to brew!

Not perfect, but it's working for now. Will we keep this "coffee bar" forever or will we define the space for something else? That's all to be determined!

What's left in and around the coffee bar?

1. Install the under cabinet lighting.

2. That little outlet to the right of the bar, gets reversed and pulled back into the pantry. A little sheetrock repair goes with that.

3. Style the coffee bar.

4. Hang the barn door for the pantry (to the right of the space).

5. Paint the door frame trim leading into the hallway.

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