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Southeastern Salvage Tile: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

At some point during our first home renovation, back in 2015, I realized the tiling deals that you could find at Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium. It was when I purchased all of the tile for the master shower renovation (which I did not purchase at Southeastern Salvage) that I realized the significance of how much just $1 per square foot could impact our budget.

Take for example the 176 sq feet of tile that was needed to tile our master shower. Here are the pricing differences for this shower project:

  • $1 a square foot would run you $176

  • $3 square foot would run you $528

  • $6 square foot would run you $1056

As you can see, if you can find a deal on tile, you may save yourself $1000 or more!

Here is the tiling that we purchased from Southeastern Salvage that was a mere .99 per square foot. It came in 12x 24 sheets.

Thinking about buying tile from Southeastern Salvage? Here is the good, the bad and the ugly:

The Good:

1. Pricing: I honestly do not think you can beat Southeastern Salvage on tile pricing.

2. Selection: You'll find a wide range of tiles in regards to style, colors, pricing and tile material. You'll find tiles great for flooring, shower or bathrooms and kitchen backsplash. A variety of tile material from glass to natural stone to ceramic. 1x1s, 36x 26,12x 24, 12x 12, mosaics and the list goes on in regards to sizes.

3. Loading: When you pick out tile at Southeastern Salvage, you'll take a ticket up to the cashier. You'll then pay and get a loading ticket. Lastly, you'll take that ticket and drive your car around to the loading dock where the tile will get loaded into your car. Woohoo! It doesn't get much easier than that!

4. Materials and Tools: You can pick everything up in regards to materials (ex: mortar) and tools (from knee pads to trowels) needed to complete your tiling projects.

The Bad:

1. Variation of Pieces: You may not necessarily find the variety of pieces you need in order to finish your project. For example, they may not carry bullnose pieces to go with the 12x 12 pieces for your shower project. Think creatively and you should be able to problem solve through this.

2. Quantity: What you see on the floor, may be all they have in stock. Ask someone in the store. You could potentially run into a problem if you run out of tile during your project and need more.

3. Returns: I have found the typical return policy to be, if it's not in a box, they will not accept it as a return. In other words, you can't return individual tiles. You may be stuck with tile you don't need. Sometimes the tile will be on a no return policy, but they will notify you of this at time of purchase.

The Ugly:

I've got nothing for you here! I continue to go back to Southeastern for all of my tile needs.

The bottom line, I think you can save a bunch of money buying your tile from Southeastern Salvage, but be careful that you buy enough material. It's generally a good idea to check with a salesman to see if they have any more in stock or if the tile quantity is limited to that you see on the floor.

Our kitchen tile project from house renovation #2 using tile from Southeastern Salvage.


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