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One Room Challenge, Fall 2017 Week 4: The Laundry Room

One Room Challenge Fall 2017, week 4! We continue to scale down the mountain project of the laundry room renovation. In between a visit to the College Grove Haunted House, Lauren's soccer game, a Halloween party and a My Life Speaks Dinner, you guessed it.........we worked on the laundry room reno!

Knowing that our countertop guys were coming out on Monday to template for the counter top, our attention left the cubbies and turned to the washer / dryer and sink side of the space. We pulled up our inspo pictures to help plan and give Jason a little vision.

We looked and dreamed.........and then got to work:

Source: Studio McGee

Source: Studio McGee

I am happy to say, that over the weekend, we did accomplish everything we needed to and we appear to be on least for now!

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