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Wood Plank Porcelain Tile: Client Project

We recently consulted with a client on a multi-step and multi-space project. The spaces include a walk through mudroom, connected to a main level family bonus room. Currently, the spaces host mismatched flooring, something our clients want to change as part of our scope of work. They mentioned possibly using a wood-like ceramic tile for the floor material. It just so happens, that my favorite shop around town, Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium, has a ton of wood-like porcelain tile in stock. Looking for a little inspiration to share, I came across these pictures:

Source: Freshome

source: remodelaholic

Source: Home Depot

Our client's space is about 360 sq feet of tile and we will account for 10% overage, bringing our tile needs to roughly 400 sq feet. When the client sent me a potential tile priced at 2.49 sq foot with free shipping and delivery, I knew we could save a few hundred dollars shopping at Southeastern. Here are a few options that I came across in the store:

As you can see, there are many choices at Southeastern Salvage if you are in the market for wood-like tile. Prices range from $1.48 all the way down to .66, with some options in between. Remember, our client found some wood-like tile from a Big Box store that was priced at $2.49 per square foot. It sounds inexpensive enough, but let's break it down and compare it to prices at Southeastern Salvage:

Our cost comparison looks like this:

From the Big Box: 400 square feet at $2.49 equals $996 pretax

From Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium: 400 square feet at $1.48 equals $592 pretax

From Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium: 400 square feet at .66 equals $264 pretax

If you are considering purchasing tile from Southeastern Salvage, be sure to check out our post on different tile projects we have completed with tile from Southeastern Salvage and the pros and cons from buying tile at Southeastern Salvage. Remember that Southeastern is located in 9 major cities across 6's not just for my Nashville people! Happy shopping!!

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